Chapter 12 – Meanwhile Back at the Ranch

Excerpt from Chapter 12 (Entire chapter is 29 pages)


We didn’t always travel during our fifty-six years of marriage and we didn’t eat all our meals in restaurants. We both had professional careers and we usually ate at home, as I’m a very good cook. I’m especially good at Viennese pastries!

I’m also a good “Dog Mother” to the many Golden Retrievers we have had over the years. I’m also a gardener, bird-feeder-filler and free-lance writer. Although I’d had Goldens since childhood, our careers precluded our having a dog, until the day neighbors invited us over to see their new 8-week-old puppy. “I want a puppy” I said to Alfred and I said it over and over for three days until he relented. And with the addition of Diora, I began forty years of dedication to causes devoted to the health and well-being of Golden Retrievers.





























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