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            For years, people have been saying, “you’ve had such an incredible life, you ought to write a book!” I got tired of hearing that so I decided I’d do it. Now that I have, they’re saying “I can’t wait to read it.”

             I was married for over 56 years to a Viennese charmer and we traveled the world, led safaris and birded on all seven continents. I lost my husband to COVID-19, but I’ll never lose my stories. I have hiked, crawled, flown, traveled by horseback, zodiac, combi and tundra buggy to view and photograph the natural world. I’ve had a bananaquit in my lemonade, slept with a Motmot and been face to face with a polar bear.

My book is now also available on Amazon.com.

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“Started reading and couldn’t put it down”  DM, St. Paul, MN
“This is really a good book You should get it!”  CB, Tifton, GA