I have hiked, crawled, flown, traveled by horseback, zodiac, combi and tundra buggy to view and photograph the natural world. I’ve had a bananaquit in my lemonade, slept with a Motmot and been face to face with a polar bear.

“From Schnitzel to Nockerln” is available on Amazon or Barnes and Noble and it may be ordered through your favorite bookstore. It is also available on Kindle. and this website. “Tales from the Town Crier” is only available through this website.


Following the 2021 publication of her adventure memoir, “From Schnitzel to Nockerln,” Joy now regales us with: “Tales From the Town Crier, Writings from the past…”The excerpts from her newspaper column contains stories to which everyone can relate.

This compilation of newspaper columns from the
past is as relevant today as when written decades
ago. Every-day occurrences become the topic of
both humorous and thoughtful commentary.


This book features the story of Whichi, a white chipmunk that lives at the edge of a big forest. While many chipmunks live in the woods, Whichi is different from the others. He enjoys exploring and playing with other woodland creatures, but sometimes wishes he looked like the other chipmunks. With the help of his friends, including a wise old black squirrel, Whichi learns that he is not different, but special.

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