My Other Books Aren’t Fun


            Would-be Agents and publishers always want to know if you’ve written and published anything previously. I have, but most people would find these books uninteresting unless you happened to want or need the information they contained. But just for the record… here’s my publication history.

            International Encyclopedia of Higher Education, Jossey -Bass, 1977 Senior Editor

            Stepping Stones or Stumbling Blocks: Basic Decisions in College Life.  A publication of the Russell B. Stearns Study, Northeastern University, 1985

            Human Resources Development in Saudi Arabia: Multinationals and Saudization     International Development Human Resources Corporation, 1986

            Presidential Inaugurations: Planning for More than Pomp and Circumstance, Council for the Advancement and Support of Education, 1993

            The Golden Retriever: A Scottish Legacy, Editor, Joy Viola   Published by the Friends of Guisachan 2017

            Numerous free-lance articles and newspaper columns.