“Tales From the Town Crier, Writings from the past…”

“Tales From the Town Crier, Writings from the past…

This limited edition book is only available through this website.

TITLE: Tales from the Town Crier
ISBN: 978-0-932834-51-5
GENRE: Essays
PRICE: $15
FORMAT: 6″x9″
PUBLISHER: Viola Nature Productions, 14 Glover Road
Wayland, MA 01778

Put a bit of Joy in your life!

Following the 2021 publication of her adventure memoir, “From Schnitzel to Nockerln,” Joy now regales us with excerpts from her newspaper column with stories to which everyone can relate.

Anyone who has ever:
retired and started a new life;
lived through a home remodeling:
endeavored to become a gardener;
shared life with dogs, husbands or kids;
engaged in holiday activities;
will identify with the stories in this book.

This compilation of newspaper columns from the
past is as relevant today as when written decades
ago. Every-day occurrences become the topic of
both humorous and thoughtful commentary.
Some are told from the perspective of her husband and others from that of her dogs. All are
entertaining vignettes of the author’s life in small
town Wayland, Massachusetts.

A limited edition book may be purchased through her website at: JoyWinkieViola.com

Joy and her 10 year old Apollo