Writing was the Easy Part of this Book!

This is harder than trying to find a site for a wedding reception!

I finished writing my book just before Christmas. I took a break and then on January 2nd I started writing letters to literary agents and I did that 4 out of 5 work days a week for three months. I got nowhere. I learned through seminars and other resources that once I found an agent and she/he in turn found a publisher for me, I could expect 18-24 months to pass. As I’m looking at my 85th birthday approaching this summer, I decided I wasn’t going to wait 2 years to see this all come to fruition (I might not even be around!)  and I signed a contract with a company to self-publish. It’s going well, page proofs will be coming soon together with the cover design. I already have the text for the back cover, but now comes the hard part. Trying to find a site for a book launch party!

As the book is due out in November, that puts me smack dab in the middle of Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday gatherings and as I’m looking for a rather large room, there aren’t that many available. I have a charming site on hold, the ballroom, at Longfellow’s Wayside Inn, but the date in November 19th and I don’t know if I’ll have a supply of books that early in the month. And they haven’t anything else available for the entire month of November and December. So where do I go from here? Hotels may be available, but they don’t have much ambiance. Country Clubs are another option, but I’m not a member of any. Location is a factor as I expect people to be coming from some distance so easy access is important. And then there’s the hors d’oeuvres menus – some are better than others.

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I have the draft of a flyer and a poster ready, but I need the final version of the cover to proceed.

I have some bookings already, but I can’t secure more until I can print that flyer, which is waiting for the cover design.

I have a musical ensemble in mind, but I can’t book them until I know the date.

I’ll have to pare down the invitation list I made up, but I don’t know by how much until I have the date and know which site I’ll use and how many people can be accommodated.

Writing the book was all between me, my brain and my computer. This phase of publishing a book depends on a variety of factors not all of which are in my control. It was easier writing the book!