Chapter 11 – Castro, Hemingway and a ’49 Plymouth


Excerpt from Chapter 11 (Entire chapter is 32 pages)

Dinner tonight would not be at another state-owned restaurant, but at a paladar, a privately-owned restaurant. But this outing gave rise to an astonishing discovery. Our driver could not drive there or eat there as he was a state employee. This meant our guide had to procure a fleet of private vehicles for our group’s transportation. At 7 p.m. a spectacular parade of vintage American cars pulled up in the middle of a thunderstorm. Everyone dashed for a car, any car. Alfred and I jumped into a blue 1949 Plymouth for which the windshield wipers were nonexistent. No problem, the driver had a rag with which he wiped off the rain-covered- window as we drove to our destination! We came back to the hotel in a 1955 Chevy. Alfred loved the front seat leg room!




















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