Chapter 9 – The Penguins Never Read the Treaty


Excerpt from Chapter 9 (Entire chapter is 30 pages)

Stay 15 feet away? Not possible when you’re sharing a beach with 100,000 penguins

            Gradually I worked my way to the far side of the colony, propped myself up against a wall of tussock grass and sat down quietly to observe. Several penguins came over to give me a close inspection and a few pecked at my rubber boots. They had obviously not read the Antarctic Treaty which clearly states humans and penguins are to stay fifteen feet apart. There are some sights and sounds one never forgets. The experience at Salisbury Plain will certainly be among them. That night we had an Elvis Presley “shake, rattle and roll” experience. We had 35-foot seas, the wind was steady at 55 knots and the storm was a force 10 on the Beaufort Scale. Antarctica never lets you forget who is in charge.






















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