Chapter 2 – Bananaquits in the Lemonade and a Motmot in the Bedroom


Excerpt from Chapter 2 (Entire chapter is 24 pages)

“We arrived to find the entrance to her charming home was via a central set of ten stairs which then merged into a long double stairway that was totally reminiscent of a 1930’s Flo Ziegfeld production set. One could just imagine the chorus girls descending the steps in beautiful gowns with plumes of long feathers in their hair. But there were no chorus girls to greet us, just large Cane Toads who had the acrobatic ability to hop their way up the stairs. No smooth-stepping Fred Astaire, these guys, but they eventually made their way to the top and it was a ballroom for toads in the evening when the lights attracted insects to their liking. The large living room came alive with an after-dinner wildlife show – geckos on the walls darting in and out behind the pictured frames, toads hopping about the floor, wood rats scampering in the trees and, oh yes, the Motmot slept in the bedroom.”

















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