Chapter 8 – Kangaroos, Cockatoos and Chum Chops

    Excerpt from Chapter 8 (Entire chapter is 27 pages)     


   The front door opened and a bewildered rancher walked slowly toward the bus sitting in the middle of his front lawn.

      “Ya got the Billy on? Mark called cheerfully

            The rancher stared at us in bewilderment

      “Reckon we made the wrong turn, Mark suggested.

      “I reckon you did,” the rancher replied, scratching his hair beneath his battered  Aussie Akubro hat .

      “Guess we should have gone the other way at the intersection”.
“I guess you should have” came the reply.

        “He’ll head to the pub for sure tonight, Mark said,” telling everyone about this big white bus that drove into his yard with a load of lost Yanks, and the story will probably get better with every telling.”














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