“From Schnitzel to Nockerln”

“From Schnitzel to Nockerln
And everything that happened in Between 

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ISBN: 978-1-63867-157-2

Genre: Travel/Natural History. Memoir

Pages 294 Format: Hardcover  Price: $29

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing Co.

Available from: Lightning Source, Baker & Taylor, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Dorrancebookshop.com

Meet Joy Winkie Viola
… and enjoy her stories

Plopping down in penguin poop, eating whitchetty grub soup, being face to face with a polar bear and sleeping with a Motmot – this book has it all. A book of travel adventures, often humorous, about the natural world on all seven continents as told by a globe-trotting journalist.

This book, with individual chapters for specific journeys, covers the author’s experiences and insights from the rain forests of Trinidad to the outback of Australia all the way to the ice-covered continent of Antarctica. The tales continue with stories from China, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, India, The Galapagos Islands, Cuba, Canada and the western United States. Traveling by such diverse means as horseback, zodiac, combi, and tundra buggy, readers are made to feel they are in the present through the author’s engaging narrative.

Review Excerpts:

Drawing on a lifetime of meticulous journaling, this book offers poignant observations about far-flung destinations. Thoroughly enjoyable.  –  Bruce Stein, National Wildlife Federation

This sensitive life narrative is at once an enduring love story studded with pathos, humor and a rich accounting of natural history adventures . – Wayne Peterson, Massachusetts Audubon Society

This compilation of Joy and Alfred’s varied travel adventures reminds us what a well-lived life is all about.  – Steve Cox, International Expeditions