Every Woman Should Have a “She Shed!”

A few years ago I had a significant birthday coming up and my husband asked what I would like to mark the occasion. I knew immediately what I wanted, but it was a bit pricey.. Still I thought I’d ask! He thought it amusing, but agreed it would be appropriate.

I wanted a tool shed only I planned to make it my garden shed. Nowadays, according to the television commercials, it would be called a “She Shed.” I went on line to Reeds Ferry Sheds and picked out the design I liked informing the company that I would also like to add a work bench  for potting plants and other such garden endeavors. I picked out a design with a pretty little window and screen and a window box. When the truck arrived, they took away the tired old critter that had been there when we bought the house and installed my pretty little shed. I quickly set about putting up nails and peg board to hang my tools, and began “playing house” in my little She Shed. I brought out a radio, plugged it in, sat down on  a garden chair and had a cup of coffee while I made plans for my spring plantings.

That little shed has become my little home away from home where I putter and plan, pot and repot. Last week we had a beautiful spring day and I took advantage of it to go to my shed and survey what needed to be done. It was obvious I needed to give it a good sweeping and clean some pots I’d neglected to clean last fall. But wanting to walk the dogs,  survey the garden and add pussy willows to my winter planter, I decided I’d wait until the weekend. Well, the weekend came and with it high winds and snow squalls! This morning the wind chill was below zero. My She Shed still beckons, but it will have to wait as the Ides of March are upon us and apparently will stay with us all week. Still, like the daffodils starting to poke their leaves up through the ground, I know the day will come sooner rather than later when I can venture out, open the window, turn on the radio to our classical music station, enjoy a thermos of coffee and design and dream to my heart’s content. Men have “Man Caves,” but I firmly believe every woman should have a She Shed for whatever purpose she intends to use it Mine is like a friends waiting for me to come sit and visit. Now all I need is for Mother Nature to provide the opportunity.

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