Not a Wedding but Close to it!

I’ve come to the conclusion that planning my book launching party is somewhat akin to planning a wedding – the search for a facility and a facility available on “good dates”, the menu selection, the arrangements for music, the invitation list, writing the invitations, ordering the envelopes and paper, what else? Oh yes, the music! I’ve been doing it all this past month. I did find a nice facility and tomorrow I go to discuss hors d’oeuvres. I secured the services of a string trio, the envelopes and paper and stamps have arrived, and now I need to go buy a nice pen to address them.

I made up a small flyer but it’s not finalized until I get the cover from the publisher’s designers. Nonetheless, I have five “bookings” for presentations and book signings. I can’t really pursue anymore until close to the time of publication.

Next it becomes a question of how many books to order to have them available for these five events – two of which are large – and for other events that get booked in December and January.

Then there’s the question of equipment – a laptop, projector and screen. Some places have their own equipment which makes it easy – but if I have to purchase a projector, I find they range from $70 to $1000! My local Wayland reference librarian was very helpful in researching articles etc. for make on this point. The photoshop presentation is a work in progress, so that’s yet another concern to factor in.

I asked and five kind people agreed, to write reviews and two of them have come in. As no one but my “reader” and the publisher have read the manuscript, it was wonderful to find people enjoying the stories and my sense of humor. Hopefully that augers well for book sales.

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So back to my list making on a dreary rainy afternoon.